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Premium was bred from a desire to work with great routesetters. In the midst of  that pursuit, we tapped into something even better- great routesetters making great holds. 
We were inspired by European setters who began shaping holds that allowed for a complete reimagination of climbing movement. In 2016, we put our first 360 Holds shapes on the wall and had that “Aha” moment- these holds were creating an entirely new climbing experience than the low profile plastic we were accustomed to.
It became apparent that while this style of setting and climbing was predominant in Europe and Asia, North American gyms had no idea what they were missing. As routesetters and gym owners in the US, we felt a deep desire to change that, and just like that Premium Holds + Volumes was born.
Since then, we have expanded our line-up to include hold brands owned by the greatest routesetters and shapers in the world, and each of the shapes that we distribute are a glimpse through the lens of those setters.



From 90’s gym-rat kid to climbing industry leader, Chris LoCrasto has been in the game for over 25 years. His highlight reel would include gym ownership, climbing wall and gym design, routesetting 100+ competitions including the 2019 Lead World Cup in Villars, Switzerland, climbing 5.14 and wishing he was a scratch golfer.

Motto: Keep a beginners mind

Favorite Crag: Ceuse

Secret Skill: Convincing you the next hold is good when you’re run-out



Born and raised in Texas, Canon Huse has 16 years of climbing experience.  From humble beginnings, as a team kid, he has worked his way up the ranks in the climbing industry from washing holds and working the front desk to routesetting on the National stage and slinging the best grips on the market.


Motto: Mood Follows Action

Favorite Crag: Squamish! 

Secret Skill: Riding a 5ft tall unicycle

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