Whether you are opening a gym, expanding a current one, or revamping your setting program, Premium Holds is here to help. Free hold order consulting is always available, whether you're buying holds from us or not. We are passionate about and have experience in opening gym hold orders, gym design, equipment lists, and routesetting programs. Email and let us custom build a consulting package that is tailored to your needs.

Hold Orders

Big hold orders can get quite complicated and we offer free consultation on any order. Whether your order includes Premium or not, we want to see you be successful. Having the right ratios of feet, jugs, volumes and screw-ons to name a few are critical and can vary depending on your climbing community. Having been through a number of new gym hold orders we can do anything from making recommendations to reviewing your total hold order for bouldering and full service gyms.

Gym Design

Gym design is the most daunting and critical step in making sure your business will be successful. We have designed 5 facilities including the 2019 CBJ "Largest Gym of the Year" Summit Climbing Yoga Fitness - Plano, and remodeled a number of locations to improve space efficiency and wall angles. We offer different levels of involvement depending on your needs.


Nothing excites us more than putting grips on the wall and our experience covers everything from running a commercial setting program to setting World Cups. The product that goes on the wall can have the biggest impact on who is coming back and who is not. We believe in finding the balance between creativity, productivity and serving the climbing communities we are growing. We offer setting clinics for commercial and competition climbing as well as strategies for gym owners to facilitate the growth of professional route setters.




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