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We have been working hard to continue to give you the best deals on the best holds around. With our new pricing structure, you can qualify for discounts at a lower cost and our discount tiers go even higher. Up to 30% off! Discounts are automatically added at checkout!

 Bulk Order Pricing
Bulk Pricing on holds for Cheeta, 360 Holds, Squadra, Simpl, and Lapis
*Excludes accessories
Order Size Discount
 >$1k 20%
>$5k 21%
>$10k 23%
>$20k 27%
>$35k 30%
Nature climbing Hold Discount Tiers
Order Size Discount
 >$1k 2%
>$2k 4%
>$3k 6%
>$4k 8%
>$5k 10%
Feel free to mix and match brands to reach the next discount level.



European colors do not always match what we commonly see here in the US so we have taken the time to only import the colors that do match or closely match the "standard" Aragon colors that we use most. 

Please note: Squadra's plastic is poured at Aragon so the colors match. 

Color Key: 

Green= Close match 

Orange= Slightly different. Most people are comfortable using but it depends on your individual standards

Red= Not recommended

Color Comparison Chart

Aragon Color

Composite X Color

Squadra- Fiberglass

360 & Simpl

Black 18-01 10 Jet Black Black Black
Blue 13-01 7 Sky blue Blue Blue
Red 11-12 5 Traffic Red Red Red
Yellow 15-12 2 Bright Yellow Yellow Yellow
Green 16-16 77 US Green Green Green
Purple 07-13 78 US Purple Not Available Purple
Pink 11-26 Not Available Pink Pink
Orange 14-01 76 US Orange Not Available Orange
Lime Green 16-09 69 US Green Not Available Not Available
White 1114 79 Pure White White White




Shipping is free on all Domestic In-Stock items for orders under$1,000. On orders that are either larger than $1,000, contain Made-to-Order items or are international, we will get a shipping quote for you after your order is submitted and add it to your invoice.

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