We are your one stop shop for quality European shapes and volumes. We import the holds to the US  so you don't have to. 


All our prices are already listed as "gym prices" which means we're not marking up our products and then telling you that you are getting a discount. We do offer bulk discounts too:

Orders over $5k = 8%

Orders over $10k = 10%

Orders over $15k = 12%

Orders over $20k = 15%

Feel free to mix and match brands to reach your next discount level.


European colors do not always match what we commonly see here in the US so we have taken the time to only import the colors that do match the "standard" Aragon colors that we use most. Update-9/25/18 Composite X now matches Aragon Orange 14-01, Purple 07-13, Green 16-16, Black 18-01, Red 11-12, Blue 13-01, Yellow 15-12 and Lime Green 16-09.  



Our inventory can fluctuate and the website reflects what we currently have in stock but that doesn't mean that we can't get you what you are looking for. If you want something that we don't currently have in stock or you are looking to make a larger order for a new gym it is best to contact sales@premium-holds.com so that we can make arrangements to get you what you need when you need it. For special orders of Cheeta holds we do not have in inventory, there is a $50 surcharge for shipping then an additional $1/lb shipping cost.