Our inventory can fluctuate and the website reflects what we currently have in stock but that doesn't mean that we can't get you what you are looking for. If you want something that we don't currently have in stock or you are looking to make a larger order for a new gym it is best to contact Canon@premium-holds.com so that we can make arrangements to get you what you need when you need it. 

Our primary customers are climbing gyms so all the prices you see on our website are "Gym Prices." This means that we don't mark up our prices only to give big "Discounts."  We do offer discounts on bulk orders and those prices are listed below :

Orders over $5k = 5%

Orders over $10k = 10%

Feel free to mix and match brands to reach your next discount level.

European colors do not always match what we commonly see here in the US so we have taken the time to only import the colors that do match or closely match the "standard" Aragon colors that we use most. 

Please note: Squadra's plastic is poured at Aragon so the colors match. 

Color Key: 

Green= Close match 

Orange= Slightly different. Most people are comfortable using but it depends on your individual standards

Red= Not recommended

Color Comparison Chart

Aragon Color

Composite X Color

Squadra- Fiberglass

360 & Simpl

Black 18-01 10 Jet Black Black Black
Blue 13-01 7 Sky blue Blue Blue
Red 11-12 5 Traffic Red Red Red
Yellow 15-12 2 Bright Yellow Yellow Yellow
Green 16-16 77 US Green Green Green
Purple 07-13 78 US Purple Not Available Purple
Pink 11-26 Not Available Pink Pink
Orange 14-01 76 US Orange Not Available Orange
Lime Green 16-09 69 US Green Not Available Not Available
White 1114 79 Pure White White White

If you haven't checked out our new online order form, you should! The order form represents your cart. If you put anything in your cart before opening the order form it will show up. The order form allows you to put in an order just as you would with a spreadsheet but it lets you know whether or not an item is in stock. If an item is out of stock, it will say no stock. Also, if you try to order more of an item then we currently have in stock the order form will inform you and place however many we do have in stock into your cart.

Hover over the pictures to get a bigger picture to view. If you want to see more pictures of the product just click the name to open a new window for that product. 

Once you are ready to check out click the Update Cart button. This saves your order to your cart. Next, go to the homepage and click on your cart. Your order should be there ready to check out.

Not all of the items that are in stock are available immediately from the warehouse. Some are in stock at the manufacturer's location or are available to be produced. If you need an order ASAP email us and we will get you a list of what is in stock at the warehouse. Canon@premiumholds.com

This one can be a bit tricky. Depending on your order it can be shipped from 3 different locations. Please read through to get a better understanding of the shipping process. If you need a quote on your order please reach out at Canon@premiumholds.com 

Premium Holds Warehouse-

We keep mostly fiberglass and wooden volumes in stock at our warehouse. Depending on the order it can ship either ground or freight. 

Items for each brand at the Warehouse

360 Holds- all holds and volumes Squadra- Fichtls and Frutti Di Bosco Simpl- all volumes Cheeta- Fiberglass, Wooden Volumes and some plastic (Check for availability) 

Composite X- 

Composite X is the manufacturer for Cheeta. They produce the Cheeta plastic and keep a limited stock of the Cheeta plastic, fiberglass and wood volumes. Composite X ships directly to the customer for a special rate of $50 plus $1/lb for plastic and $3/lb for fiberglass and wood. 


All of the Squadra and Lapis plastic is produced at Aragon. If you have ordered from Aragon before you can expect the normal calculated rates. 

Premium is offering 3 different tiers of financing for small, medium, and large orders

1. Small Orders: $1,000-$4,999

  • a. 5% Financing Fee
  • b. 50% Downpayment
  • c. Net30

2. Medium Orders: $5,000-$9,999

  • a. 3% Financing Fee
  • b. 50% Downpayment
  • c. Flexible terms: Net30- Net120

3. Large Orders: $10,000+

  • a. 2% Financing Fee
  • b. Flexible Downpayment: 30-50%
  • c. Flexible terms: Net30- Net120

We have been working hard to continue to give you the best deals on the best holds around. With our new pricing structure, you can qualify for discounts at a lower cost and our discount tiers go even higher. Up to 25% off! Just enter the appropriate discount code at checkout.

Orders over $3k = 3% off Discount Code: BULK3

Orders over $5k = 5% off Discount Code: BULK5

Orders over $8k = 10% off Discount Code: BULK10

Orders over $10k = 15% off Discount Code: BULK15

Orders over $15k = 20% off Discount Code: BULK20

Orders over $30k = 25% off Discount Code: BULK25

All "In Stock" holds and volumes are automatically discounted 5%

Feel free to mix and match brands to reach the next discount level.

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