Diamond Granite Holds

by Nature Climbing


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  • Diamond Granite Holds

    Our Diamond Granite holds are the result of a long refinement from many years of working with and shaping granite, and in all modesty; the holds are something else entirely. Whether setting intensive or delicate boulder problems or long aesthetic routes, you will find that the holds create an interesting and complementary experience in your climbing gym.

    Designed from a simple philosophy – maintaining the uniqueness of the stone’s natural edge and at the same time creating consistent and recognizable features. This means e.g. that the measured incut and angle of holds will be consistent but the texture and surface will be slightly different as the shape of every piece of stone is unique.

    Diamond Granite Holds Selection

    The holds are shaped with a vertical or incut profile. In general, the vertical holds are ideal for advanced routesetting on walls and easy angled walls, but might as well be used for intermediate or beginner routesetting on slabs. The incut holds are in general shaped for steep or overhanging climbing, but can easily find their use when routesetting intermediate routes on easier angled walls as well.

    Our Diamond Granite Holds comes in packages with a mix of sizes in 5, 10 or 15 holds. The exact mix is random and depends on the texture and structure of Finnish granite in our current batch.

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