RAW Granite Holds

by Nature Climbing


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  • RAW Granite Holds

    For Nature Climbing it all started with the RAW Granite Holds, and the idea of combining the amazing worlds of indoor and outdoor climbing. It took years of searching for the right quality of stone while developing the shaping methods and processes before achieving the desired results.

    Today the RAW Granite holds can be found in a number of climbing gyms and they are used for both advanced routesetting as well as for beginners and intermediates. It challenges both routesetters and climbers and creates the perfect supplement to plastic climbing.

    RAW Granite Holds Selection

    The RAW Granite Holds are defined by their size. When we shape the RAW Granite Holds, we look for the most interesting features of the entire stone. It is cut and shaped by this philosophy. The holds can be used for every angle and type of route, inspiring and challenging both the routesetter and the climber.

    Our RAW Granite Holds comes in packages with a mix of sizes in 5, 10 or 15 holds. The exact mix is random and depends on the texture and structure of Norwegian granite in our current batch.

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